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Message for Solidarity of "Socialist Workers League of Korea" toward Revolutionary Socialists and Militants of All Countries
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Message for Solidarity of "Socialist Workers League of Korea"
Revolutionary Socialists and Militants of All Countries

February 23rd 2008

Today we declare to crystallize the formation of SWLK with a great joy to revolutionary socialists and
militants of all countries.

We are in the middle of the choice between proletarian revolution and barbarism in the final period of
the decadent capitalism. The capitalist system that should only be maintained with the extraction of
surplus value through relentless exploitation and repression over the workers and irrational lust of financial
capital has an irreversible fate to be transformed into a true new mode of production, that is, communism.

The important stumbling block for the abolishment of the capitalist system in spite of the intransigent
struggles of the proletariat was the defeat of world revolution of the 1920s and the counter-revolution
of Stalinism in the 1930s. Not only the ideological control in the labor process of capitalism, reconstruction
after the 2nd world war and the development of science technology, but also the deviation of revolutionaries
from the basic principles of Marxism and the widespreadness of opportunism and reformism in the
revolutionary milieu were the major factors against the triumph of the proletariat over the bourgeoisie.

Although the bourgeois media said that capitalism is the only way to save the mankind after the breakdown
of the Eastern bloc in the late 1980s, communism is recognized as a historical and material necessity
through the elevation of the class struggle over the world after 2000 and the regroupment of the
revoluionary socialists with solidarity.

The revolutionary socialists (Marxists) of Korea who have been reinforced through the combative class
struggle after 1987 are holding consistently the basic principles of revolutionary Marxism such as historical
and dialectical materialism, class struggle and internationalism. However, some parts of the currents were
splitted into small groups due to the oppression of capital and state and most of them were converted in
to opportunism and centrism.

"Socialist Workers League of Korea" is a consolidated revolutionary force which consists several
revolutionary socialist groups in Korea. We are the revolutionary forces that declare the world proletarian
revolution publicly and express the determination to struggle with the proletariat of the world including
Korea in the history of workers' movement and communist movement in Korea after 1945.

We send our the warmest fraternity and solidarity to revolutionary socialists militants who have a historical
mission to overthrow the capitalist system and to realize communism through class struggle.

Workers of all countries, unite!

Socialist Workers League of Korea

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 Message for Solidarity of "Socialist Workers League of Korea" toward Revolutionary Socialists and Militants of All Countries  SWLK 08·03·10 20096
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